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Striving for a higher

level of Safety


In an industry where accountability matters, at Titan Tower we believe in communicating, educating, training and empowering our team to make a difference. Our team strongly believes that investing time, money, and research into our training program is simply a critical asset. The importance of having a job done safely and efficiently is a top priority that equals added value to our customers. Having the best interest of our employees in mind, we’ve initiated the best company practices by incorporating the following:

  • We have a Safety Director who's responsibility is to develop, source and provide up to date safety information and conducts regular on site safety & health audits to maintain our paramount site safety practices and routines.

  • We always have a primary appointed and competently trained individual on site, responsible for maintaining the health and safety practices of all tower site personnel implemented by our Safety Director.

  • All Competent Field Supervisor personnel obtain OSHA-30-Hour certifications in General Industry, meeting and exceeding telecommunication industry safety standards.

  • Any tower personnel operating under competent supervision will also meet and follow all Safety & Health requirements. (example: OSHA 10-Hour, RF Awareness, First Aid/CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc.)


We understand that safety is a choice. We provide our employees with current and accredited training and equipment to make sure every employee has the tools and the core base knowledge to make the best decision every time. Our goal is to have every employee return home safely.

New Hire.png

New Hire Training

A great week of New Hire Safety Training this week with Safety SHAUN at Titan tower. Welcome to the Titan Team

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